An ancient symbol of protection in a multitude of cultures, this handmade fine silver pendant is studded with an environmentally friendly, tanzanite Nano gem and stands ready to fend off the the darker forces that be. Hung from a substantial rounded box chain and accented with gold links, this piece gives an age old symbol a modern refresh.


As our company continues to evolve after 18 years, so do the materials and processes we use as we strive to be more eco-conscious. Nanosital gems (nano gems) are a reflection of that. Nano gems are lab-created hybrid gemstones with unique physical and optical properties that offer a sustainable alternative to mined stones while still offering their unparalleled beauty.

Hamsa Talisman

    • Fine silver
    • Sterling silver chain
    • Tanzanite nano gem
    • 14kgf links
    • Necklace measures 24" in length
    • Pendant measures 1.5" in length and 1.25" wide