This dainty talisman features our original, handmade, fine silver tiki man studded with emerald eyes and accented with a pink sapphire charm. Sweet and spunky with a pop of juicy color.


This piece was created using environmentally friendly, lab grown gems. Lab-created gems are chemically, physically and optically identical to those mined underground — but they have fewer flaws, a lighter carbon footprint and cost less, too. Not to be confused with imitation gems, Lab grown gems are genuine. Environmentally speaking, lab-created stones do not tax natural resources the way the process for natural gems does — no mines are dug, the labs use a fraction of the utilities and resources necessary for a mining operation and leave behind less pollutants.


Tiki Talisman

    • Necklace measures 17" in length
    • Can be lengthened upon request
    • Pendant measure 1.75" in overall length
    • Tiki measures .6" wide
    • Fine silver
    • 14kgf
    • Lab grown emerald
    • Lab grown pink sapphire