Symbols of connection, this necklace set is perfect besties, mothers and daughters, or even sisters. Each set is handcrafted of fine silver and set with environmentally friendly, lab grown emeralds. Due to the handmade nature, each set will vary slightly and will be uniquely yours.


Lab-created gems are chemically, physically and optically identical to those mined underground — but they have fewer flaws, a lighter carbon footprint and cost less, too. Not to be confused with imitation gems, Lab grown gems are genuine. Environmentally speaking, lab-created stones do not tax natural resources the way the process for natural gems does — no mines are dug, the labs use a fraction of the utilities and resources necessary for a mining operation and leave behind less pollutants.

Yin to my Yang necklace set

    • Necklaces measure 17" in length
    • Sterling silver
    • Fine silver
    • 14kgf
    • Lobster closure
    • Pendant measures 1.25" wide
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