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Our hand forged Tally Cuffs are a wonderful way to commemorate anniversaries, friendship, name it and we can mark it.  These solid brass cuffs have a lightly distressed, satin finish that is simple, modern, but also a bit rugged so it can go through life with you and without the worry of roughing it up.


Cuff sizing:

Use a flexible measuring tape or strip of paper to measure around your wrist. Subtract half an inch to an inch to find the best size for you. Cuffs can be minimally bent, but repeated stretching or bending is not recommended as it can deteriorate the structural integrity of the cuff and eventually cause it to break.


To put on a cuff, place one end of the piece behind the wristbone and press it into the soft part of the underside of the arm and slide on.

Tally Mark Cuff

    • Solid 16g golden brass
    • 3/8" wide
    • Hand forged and marked
    • Available in 3 sizes
    • Custom made to order. Please allow 2-3 business days for completion. Contact for rush delivery.

    ***Please leave a note with the number of tallies you would like in the message box upon checkout.***

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